Community Asset – St Georges Hydrotherapy Pool

‘St George’s Community Hydrotherapy Pool is an essential asset to Peterborough’s residents’, Simon Barkham said. I was invited to visit St Georges Hydrotherapy Pool in Park Ward (Dogsthorpe Road) Peterborough.  As soon as you arrive, it’s easy to see how loved and valued this venue is by so many people.  Everyone who was there had only the best of words to say about their experience and about the treatment they’d received by using the facilities and also about the staff too. Thomas Booker showed me around the facility and he too, had only good things to say from the perspective of an employee.  I could see that he and the people[…]

Leading city Labour activist defects to the Greens?

A well known local activist may well have dealt a bit of a blow to the Peterborough Labour Party’s General Election plans? As the local Labour Party spends time and money trying to promote a unified image to the electorate, in the build up to the general to the 7th May 2015, one of their former candidates and well known activists is now publicly supporting …………. the Green Party! Most people know there’s already a clear divide amongst the Labour Group on Peterborough City Council, mainly between Cllr Khan and Cllr Murphy, but now Nicola Day (pictured) who stood as a Labour Party candidate and just missed out on being elected[…]

Could UKIP candidate determine Park Ward election in 2015?

Park Ward, in recent years has become something of a battleground, and one of the results many involved in the local political scene look out for. For many years, Park ward, a place where the city MP’s ‘local’ property is situated, was considered a safe Tory seat, boasting all three city councillor roles being held by Conservatives. Then in 2011, Labour successfully turned the table and took a seat, with the Tories taking second spot. In 2012, they came second again, but in 2014, when UKIP fielded a candidate, Labour took their second seat for the area. Given the closeness in recent years, the question now is what impact will[…]

Peterborough Labour Party in disarray …….. and it could get worse!

Ahead of the local elections this year, Peterborough’s Labour Party talked about taking control of the Council from the Tories! Since then, there’s been quite a bit happening within the trenches of the Peterborough Labour party! Such as ……….. Just one day after the elections, the Labour candidate, who just missed out on deposing at least ONE Tory councillor from the safest conservative seat in the City, wrote on his blog, that the electoral failure “..lay at the door of the local leadership and specifically at the door of Group Leader Nazim Khan is serious organisational failings.” Citing the “fiasco over Executive Pay, where the Group Leader wasn’t present at the meeting[…]

Did Park Ward playground politics BACK-FIRE on Labour councillor?

According to a recent report in the Peterborough Telegraph some local parents were “demanding an apology” after a photograph of their children was taken and used without their consent by Peterborough Conservative councillor John Peach, on a Tory Christmas card! The report said the card, which displayed a picture taken last February, had been delivered to hundreds of homes in the city. One of the parents was reported as saying, “We did not know anything about this and don’t want the image of our children to be used for Conservative propaganda. My children have been recognised by many people in the community who have now wrongly made the assumption that my[…]

Tory in-house fighting continues! This time over HARD-FI performance in Central Park

Recently it was announced that well known music band Hard-Fi would be this year’s headline act for the Peterborough Festival and would therefore be performing on July 7th in Central Park! Subsequently, Enterprise Peterborough have just applied to the local authority to increase Central Park’s legal capacity limit to 14,999 – as interest in the event grows! Many people appear to think this event could prove a real success – but one local Tory ward councillor doesn’t agree! Claiming the organisation who own Central Park, “are being a little bit greedy.” As a result, loyal Tory puppy, and the MP for Peterborough has taken to his twitter account, to ask “Can Central Park accommodate 15000[…]

How Costly Was Park Ward for the Tories?

Ahead of this years local elections, Tories were said to be fretting over the safety of former Council Leader, John Peach’s Park Ward seat, as he faced competition from Labour, who last year secured a surprised victory in this area! One muttering a lot of our guys and girls heard from Tory candidates during Thursday 3rd May elections, was that they were not receiving any support, giving the impression that resources and activists were being concentrated on the Park Ward area, leaving wards like Walton, North Werrington, South Werrington & North Gunthorpe and Paston Tories to……. actually have to manage their own campaigns! #SHOCK HORROR! Left to their own devices[…]