Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron MP on why we need to extend the RAF bombing of Daesh to Syria

Tim Farron has made a passionate speech in the House of Commons  about why he is backing action against ISIL in Syria.     “I cannot stand in this House and castigate the PM for not taking enough refugees, and for Britain not standing tall in the rest of the world and opening our arms to the desperate, if we don’t do everything in our power to combat and eradicate that which is the source of their terror.” Why the Liberal Democrats backed action in Syria 01 DECEMBER, 2015 @ 9:29 PM Last week Tim Farron wrote to the Prime Minister, together with Nick Clegg, Paddy Ashdown, Ming Campbell, Kirsty[…]

Schoolboy learning

A “..weak commitment from David Cameron and the Conservatives..” – FOWER

A Conservative majority government would slash funding for pre-school and higher education by more than £3.1bn a year, by 2020, Liberal Democrat research reveals. The Prime Minister has said that his party would freeze per pupil funding at state schools in England over the course of the next Parliament, a cut in real terms. The Conservatives would not maintain the early years education budget or the Department for Education‘s 16-19 education budget. Conservative Government would need to slash £0.9bn a year from pre-school education and £2.2bn a year from 16-19 education by 2020. Also raises questions over the future of the £2.5bn Pupil Premium, which is money targeted at the[…]

School Class Room

Tories wanted to slash the schools budget!

Did you know that the Conservatives wanted to slash the schools budget on entering office in 2010? In government, Liberal Democrats refused such plans and have fought to protect the education budget. The Conservative assumption in 2010 was for a cash freeze in the schools budget – a whopping 10% cut in real terms over the course of the Parliament. Liberal Democrats insisted on properly protecting the schools budget and getting real terms increases year on year. Photographed briefing documents and a stated mission to make deeper cuts than necessary can only lead to the conclusion that the Tories plan to make deep cuts in education. Peterborough Liberal Democrat’s candidate[…]

Percentage increase of vote numbers

2015 General Election candidates selected! #VoteFower

  Well known City Councillor and local activist, Darren Fower, has has been elected by members of the Peterborough Liberal Democrats, to be their party candidate in the 2015 General Election for the Peterborough constituency, on May 7th. The vote at a recent hustings meeting, held at the Newark Hotel, on Eastfield Rd, also saw members select Cllr Nick Sandford as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the North West Cambridgeshire constituency. Commenting after the meeting, Darren said: “I have spent my working life in a variety of roles in Peterborough, and am in my ninth year at the locally based charity Shine. “I’ve also been a city councillor for over a decade[…]

Lib Dems WILL abolish NI contributions for anyone earning below £12,500 a year!

As reported in the national media, the Liberal Democrats plan to cut national insurance contributions even further, for anyone earning below £12,500 a year. The Lib Dems will promise in their general election manifesto to raise the level at which workers start to pay national insurance contributions. Employees currently start paying national insurance on earnings above £153 a week, or £7,956 a year, at a rate of 12%. The Lib Dems, who will beat the goal set out in their 2010 manifesto to raise the personal income tax allowance to £10,000 in this parliament, have already indicated that they will pledge to raise it to £12,500 by 2020. Danny Alexander[…]

VICTORY for @LibDems in our campaign to deliver £800 tax cut for ppl on low + middle incomes!

Cutting income tax by £700 – by raising the tax-free allowance to £10,000 – was the top priority on the front page of the Liberal Democrat manifesto. That comes into effect this month and the Budget confirmed that the Liberal Democrats have now been able to go even further. The tax-free threshold will rise to £10,500 next year, giving a tax cut of £800 for 25m working people since 2010. Liberal Democrat policy is to continue to increase the threshold in the next Parliament to £12,500. The Tories are keen to try and claim credit for our tax cut, but in reality they came into the election arguing for an[…]

Additional tax cut for 25m workers!

Every year for the last three years Lib Dems in government have fought to make sure that the budget delivers tax cuts for working people. Now, we’ve got to do the same again. We’ve come a long way already, delivering a £700 tax cut for over 25 million workers. But we’ve had to fight the Conservatives every step of the way to get these tax cuts on the agenda, every year, at every budget. This year is no different. Commenting, Local Lib Dem city councillor, Darren Fower said: “Unlike Labour and the Conservatives, the national Lib Dems want to deliver an additional £100 tax cut for those 25 million workers,[…]

Energy Act could be boost for Peterborough

The Energy Act, pushed through Parliament by Liberal Democrat Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey, received Royal Assent just before Christmas. The package of measures put in place by the law will support the creation of 200,000 jobs in the renewable energy sector including wind, solar and biomass. The act provides investors and industry with the confidence they need to invest in the energy sector and places a legal obligation on British governments to ensure the UK’s energy generating capacity is maintained while at the same time reducing emissions. As the UK’s aspiring ‘environment capital’, Peterborough should be well-placed to take advantage of this investment if our Tory-controlled city[…]

#Peterborough Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to get free school meals! @LibDems

It’s been confirmed in recent days that the government will give all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 free school meals. “The deputy prime minister has announced primary schools in England will get an extra £150m for new kitchens and dining rooms, to cope with the roll-out of free meals for infant pupils next year.” What are YOUR thoughts? Plz leave a comment below!

Tens of thousands of £’s of tax payers money finds way into local Tory Party bank account thanks 2 their MP #mpexpenses

Imagine if you voted Lib Dem, Labour, UKIP or, in fact, any other party that was not the Conservatives and then you discovered YOUR tax had been helping not only support the local Tory MP, but a huge sum had also found it’s way into the local Conservative Party’s bank account? This week the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority published details of MPs’ office leases. The data shows that Peterborough’s Tory MP claims expenses – paid for by local taxpayers – to cover the £588 monthly rent for his constituency office ……. so what you may say? But wait, who owns the property that he rents……… you may ask? A: Peterborough Conservative Association! The[…]