Banner-waving protesters were incensed with the council still having elected member Cllr A Coles carrying out his duties, as demonstrated when they disrupted a council meeting with loud protests earlier this evening, Councillors arrived at Peterborough City Council to attend the Full Council meeting and were met by protesters at the back of the Town Hall.  Their banners, abuse and chants of “shame on you” were demanding that Cllr A Coles quit. At one point as tensions reached boiling point, the mayor Cllr John Fox halted proceedings for five minutes, then tried to reconvene the meeting but to no avail.  The protests continued with chants to have Cllr Coles suspended from[…]

Q: Do YOUR solar panels make money or not? #SimpleQuestion @BBCCambs

Emails are presently flying about between Peterborough City Councillors, looking to establish whether or not the Solar Panels on the Freemans Building actually do make money or not? It seems that a a recent meeting of the Audit committee, elected members were told the solar panels on the Freemans building “…had not yet produced any income whatsoever. Also, the council are contemplating taking legal action against the installing contractor.” However, just a few days ago at a meeting organised by BBC Radio Cambs and held at the Copeland Community Centre, leader of the Tory controlled City Council, Cllr Cereste made a conflicting statement, claiming that “..the Freemans project was in fact earning money.” Now[…]