St Micheal’s Gate Eviction Going ahead Despite Petition

  Local resident Jelana Stevic is continuing to campaign on  behalf of her fellow residents of St Micheal’s Gate, Parnwell, despite collecting a Petition of over 500 signatures   and addressing this situation at a meeting at Full Council, the Conservative controlled council as decided to enforce the business model with Landlords Stef and Philips. Tenants now face being evicted and continued uncertainty on their future.   The local authority failed to even consider any other alternatives, on 19th October 2016 under this administration,  could have intervened and requested more time to consider its findings instead they rejected the Call in. A Homeless man gave us a explanation on how[…]

£7.6 million to be raised by Council renting out the Town Hall and Bayard Place

In case you’ve missed the news in the Peterborough Telegraph, about Tory plans to rent out Bayard Place and parts of the Town Hall, here’s some of the details for you! Why do they want to do this? Well, certain leading Tories at the Town Hall have their their eye on a fancy new set of offices at the Fletton Quays and so they need to justify the move, and the latest is that by renting out the Town Hall and Bayard Place,  could raise £7.6 million over the “coming years.” Personally,I’d like to sell the Town Hall outright, as I’m a much bigger fan of services and jobs, than[…]

Cllr Lee represents Fletton and Woodston

What do residents of #Fletton and #Woodston think of it?

It looks like another sitting Tory is set to jump ship from the Cereste regime at Peterborough Town Hall? We already know for certain that Tory councillor for Paston, Sue Day, will not be standing and we’ve heard several others are also set to side step the opportunity to “defend their records!” The latest is former Deputy Leader of the Conservative group, Cllr Matthew Lee! Q: How do we know? A: Well despite STILL being a city councillor until May 2015 for the Fletton and Woodston ward, Cllr Lee recently stood for election to the Stamford North seat, but was defeated by the UKIP candidate! Now baring in mind that between now[…]