Where do we stand when it comes to education?

People often ask us what we would do differently if Liberal Democrats were running the city council, here we turn our attention in this issue to education. So, what would we do? We would put more investment into education and make better use of the pupil premium – government cash which allows schools additional money for disadvantaged pupils. We would aim to raise ‘aspirations’ by showing the benefits of education. For example, we would invest in a major ‘careers fair’ to show that good, well-paid jobs are available to pupils from any background who work hard at school. We would make better use of buildings that the council already owns which could be used for educational purposes – such as the Central[…]

Takedown Of a UKIP Supporter – LISTEN! #Effortless

Even when we hear that one of their people has called for the voting franchise to be reduced or when we discover they have one of the worst records on LGBT rights in the European Parliament, UKIP never seem to surprise us these days with what they’ll say or do! But in all seriousness, where are their actual policies and what do they actually stand for?  To listen to the interview simply press the play button and feel free to leave a comment below. listen to ‘What Do Ukip Stand For? James O’Brien’s Takedown Of This Supporter Is Effortless’ on audioBoom

WHAT!! Actually ask #Peterborough people their thoughts + opinions??? @PeterboroughCC

Q: The difference between Tory controlled Peterborough City Council and the Peterborough Liberal Democrats? A: We ACTUALLY want YOUR thoughts and opinions! 🙂 A new project by Peterborough Liberal Democrats entitled Peterborough Policy Proposals, headed by local councillor, Darren Fower, is asking people to take a few seconds to submit their policy thoughts or ideas for the Peterborough Lib Dems to adopt as formal policy on which to fight for during the May 2014 local election campaign. Commenting, Darren said: “It’s time that people in Peterborough had a say on the local issues that they experience each and every day! Liberal Democrats obviously have national policies, but our local members want[…]