Resident Survey 2014 Results

On-line Resident Survey Infograph Results for you!

Over the last 365 days, the Resident Survey 2014, has been available for people in Peterborough to fill in and have their say! The initiative, led by Cllr Darren Fower, is a first, and has proven successful with hundreds of city people taking the time to complete it and help us represent the views of local people, with accurate and affirmed data. Cllr Fower has now collated an infograph of the findings for you to peruse at your leisure, comment and share! RESULTS: Resident Survey 2014 | Create infographics

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Your Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team wants to know what you think about local issues. We want your views so that we can campaign to get the City Council and other public authorities to do what you think needs doing here in your area. Figures are up to 20th July 2014

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Some local political parties seem to spend ALL their time arguing among themselves or making up what they stand for after reading a letter in the local newspapers letters page? Here at Peterborough Liberal Democrats, while we appreciate what our chaps and chappettes have achieved in Government to date, we believe that our FOCUS should ALWAYS be on Peterborough and how we can best represent the views of local residents, hence our team undertake regular Resident Survey’s, Ward Surgeries, On-Line interaction and have developed a clear local manifesto for the last two elections! NOW, we want to go ONE STEP FURTHER ……. by asking people, irrespective of their political persuasion,[…]

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Unlike Peterborough City Council, the Peterborough Liberal Democrats believe in asking the people of this city what they think, rather than lecture them as to what is or is not important! Whether or not you support the Liberal Democrats at elections, we WANT to know what you think! Please take a few seconds to fill in the below survey, the data fro which will be used over the coming year to help the local party and their councillors focus on what is IMPORTANT to you and your area!