City’s Tory MP …. upsets new UKIP MP!

There’s a well known quote in politics, that reminds individuals, that it’s better to be thought of a a fool, than open your mouth and confirm it! Once again, we think the Tory MP for Peterborough, might want to take that on board! .@SJacksonMP Stewart, go tribal on me in the weeks ahead if you want. your call. I will simply spend more time campaigning in Peterborough — Douglas Carswell MP (@DouglasCarswell) October 12, 2014 So, at a time when some might think our city’s MP would be trying to prevent UKIP standing in the general election, in order to prevent splitting the local right wing vote, Smiley Jackson is[…]

#Peterborough MP’s tweets described as “Idiotic” by TV Celeb Doctor!

We recently asked whether or not people felt that the often controversial tweets from Peterborough’s Tory MP were worth reading? In response, TV Celeb Doctor and presenter of Embarrassing Bodies, Dr Christian Jessen responded: “Only to see how idiotic he can get!” Check out the Tweet by CLICKING HERE! What do YOU think? Plz leave a comment below!

Are Peterborough’s Tory MP Tweets really worth reading? @DoctorChristian

Conservative PM David Cameron once said, “The trouble with Twitter, the instantness of it – too many twits might make a twat.” So what of our Tory MP for Peterborough? YOU may remember he helped get the city in the national newspapers last year after describing viewers of the Channel 4 show Embarrassing Bodies as ‘chavs’. As reported in the Mail, Stewie accused Dr Christian Jessen of making ‘crap chav TV’ after the TV presenter criticised a fellow Tory MP for being against gay marriage. Then of course there was the time he engaged in a war of words with John Prescott describing the Labour Peer as a “super-annuated has-been”. And of course, then there[…]

Tens of thousands of £’s of tax payers money finds way into local Tory Party bank account thanks 2 their MP #mpexpenses

Imagine if you voted Lib Dem, Labour, UKIP or, in fact, any other party that was not the Conservatives and then you discovered YOUR tax had been helping not only support the local Tory MP, but a huge sum had also found it’s way into the local Conservative Party’s bank account? This week the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority published details of MPs’ office leases. The data shows that Peterborough’s Tory MP claims expenses – paid for by local taxpayers – to cover the £588 monthly rent for his constituency office ……. so what you may say? But wait, who owns the property that he rents……… you may ask? A: Peterborough Conservative Association! The[…]

“It’s not looking good for local TORY MP!” After he refuses 2 pay back £54,000…

Peterborough’s Tory MP has made the national newspapers as they report that he is “…..being sued by parliament’s expenses watchdog after refusing to pay £54,000 he is alleged to have made in capital gains on his publicly funded home.” Described as an “unprecedented legal case” and after 28 other MPs agreed to repay almost £500,000 they themselves are alleged to have made in profits, this latest news comes after the watchdog moved to ban the use of Commons expenses to pay mortgage interest in May 2010, in the wake of public fury about “flipping” and other abuses. Remember a few years ago, when the same Peterborough Tory MP was reported[…]

Hundreds of #Peterborough people sign petition against Tory MP for describing others as “bottom feeding dregs”

It looks like the Tory MP for Peterborough may well have lived up to the claim by his party leader that “Too many tweets might make a tw@t!” (SOURCE) SIGN THE PETITION! The reason for the petition? Well as you will see below, Mr Jackson entered into a conversation and used what some may suggest were ”controversial’ tweets! The petition page states, “Peterborough deserves to have a representative that is not prejudicial against them, whatever their class or situation!” SIGN THE PETITION! Commenting, one Peterborough resident pointed out, “Remembering of course that many people presently unemployed continue to pay their varied taxes and thus his large annual salary!” Note: REMEMBER this[…]

LIB DEMs REALLY do cause Tory MP 4 Peterborough anxiety! :)

It looks like the Tory MP for Peterborough is getting a bit stressed out by Lib Dems …….again! It seems that the LIB DEMS have – rightfully – decided to stick with the present constituency boundaries, with one BBC report claiming “..Conservatives are to start selecting candidates in existing Parliamentary constituencies, despite insisting the boundaries should be redrawn before the next election.” If the boundaries are NOT changed….. then come the next election, the present Tory MP may find he’ll have to fight to be re-elected rather than look forwarded to re-election as a result of additional village voters being added to the constituency! #Shame