Lib Dems WILL abolish NI contributions for anyone earning below £12,500 a year!

As reported in the national media, the Liberal Democrats plan to cut national insurance contributions even further, for anyone earning below £12,500 a year. The Lib Dems will promise in their general election manifesto to raise the level at which workers start to pay national insurance contributions. Employees currently start paying national insurance on earnings above £153 a week, or £7,956 a year, at a rate of 12%. The Lib Dems, who will beat the goal set out in their 2010 manifesto to raise the personal income tax allowance to £10,000 in this parliament, have already indicated that they will pledge to raise it to £12,500 by 2020. Danny Alexander[…]

Recovery wouldn’t be happening without the Liberal Democrats in Government!

Commenting, local LIB DEM city councillor, Darren Fower said: “Forming the coalition has provided the country with the stable Government it needs to sort out Labour’s financial mess. Liberal Democrat policies are at the heart of the government’s economic plan that is delivering jobs and growth. “While there is still a lot more to do, we have ensured that growth is back, employment is rising, unemployment is falling and inflation is under control. “The Liberal Democrats are committed to building a stronger economy and a fairer society.” This Budget boosts fairness by: The Liberal Democrats have fought for rises in the amount of money that people can earn before paying[…]

Why we should be IN Europe – to protect British jobs! #WhyIamIN

ggggg Liberal Democrats want Britain to stay in the EU because we are fighting for a stronger economy – fighting to defend millions of British jobs are linked to our trade with the EU, and being in Europe gives us more strength when negotiating trade deals with global players like the US, China, India and Brazil. We are the party of in – In Europe, In Work. Liberal Democrats are working to defend millions of British jobs, create millions more and put thousands of pounds back in your pocket by making it easier for British companies to export and slashing red tape for small businesses. The Conservatives are now openly flirting with exit. And the[…]

Euro candidates launch election campaign with strong message on Europe #whyIamIN @LibDemMEPs

Top Euro Candidates lined up at the recent Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in York to launch their campaign for the forthcoming elections with a strong message “we are fighting to stay in Europe for a stronger economy”. Eastern Region Liberal Democrat MEP Andrew Duff was joined by South Cambridgeshire MEP candidate Belinda Brooks-Gordon. Belinda, a Girton resident and ex-County councillor for Cambridgeshire, is joined at the top of the Euro list, by barrister Jo Hayes, from Colchester, Essex. Belinda said: “We Liberal Democrats want Britain to stay in the EU because we are fighting for a stronger economy. “Millions of British jobs are linked to our trade in with the[…]

If YOU voted Lib Dem last time around, then it’s YOU that’s helped ensure the economy’s recovery! :)

A £700 tax cut for 24m people 1 million new jobs Doubled the energy from wind turbines £3.2bn put into growing businesses Just a few of the things that the Liberal Democrats have done to build a stronger economy. Without our (Lib Dem) lads and ladies, these would not have been delivered and the recovery would not be happening – FACT!