Did local LIB DEMS support “massive” pay rises for senior City Council management??? @ClrNickSandford

As reported in the local media, a “…decision to award five-figure salary rises to some of Peterborough City Council’s top earners – as they slash budgets and cut back services – has come under fire.” Speaking to the Telegraph, LIB DEM group Leader on the City Council, Cllr Nick Sandford, said: “I am appalled by this. It sends out completely the wrong message about where the council’s priorities are, as they make cuts to a number of services, and other council employees are only getting a one per cent pay increase.” Listen to Nick Sandford’s interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire below! listen to ‘Cllr Nick Sandford talks about Council Officer[…]

£390,000 written off by Tory controlled Peterborough City Council!

According to a report in the Telegraph, Peterborough City Council, which is run by the Conservatives, and in recent months has complained that a lack of funds is their reason for closing or ceasing a range of services, has now written off more than £390,000 in uncollected debts! In the article it stated: “These include £10,000, which the council says was owed by Cambridgeshire County Council relating to children’s services, and there are two sums – £84.81 and £11,546.08 – alleged to be owed by Peterborough College of Adult Education.” Ironically, the Tories seem to be blaming “failed firms” citing example like the owners of Cafe Lemon, in Bridge Street, who[…]

Tory City Councillor and Cabinet Member convicted of ‘keying’ car!!!!

As reported in the Telegraph TORY councillor for Northborough and Cabinet Member for Housing, Neighbourhoods and Planning – a role that gives him an EXTRA £14k a year on top of his basic members salary –  has been CONVICTED “….of damaging a Vauxhall Astra in the B and Q car park at Maskew Avenue following a trial at Peterborough magistrates’ Court….” Read the full report here! “We are disappointed a person in your position failed to control your temper.” Hiller has been £700, and ordered to pay costs of £750, compensation of £885 and a surcharge of £70, and was given seven days to make the payment. – TOTAL FINE: £2405 Interestingly, Hiller[…]