A letter from Tim Farron following the news of Jo Cox’s tragic death

This morning with my kids all I could think about was the family who’ve woken up with their lives changed forever. Yesterday a mum, who left home to do her job to serve her constituents, was cruelly and brutally taken from them. Her husband and their children are in my thoughts and prayers. When something terrible happens, I feel it. I am not one of those who shies away from emotion. And I, like so many others, am really feeling it today. In Orlando, when all those people were massacred for simply being themselves, the hurt was overwhelming. And here in Britain, we have seen terror on our streets and[…]

Tim Farron on the Queen’s Speech

A  Liberal Democrat Queen’s Speech for the Next Generation. The future is full of opportunity, as technology changes the way we work and live. There are also huge challenges. Creating an education system that enables the next generation to reach their full potential. Adapting our changing economy. Tackling climate change. Liberal Democrats are the party of optimism, eager to improve the lives of our children and grandchildren and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed. We believe that a responsible Government should be delivering on challenges yet to come, not just dodging tomorrow’s headlines or reliving the battles of the past. That is why our Queen’s Speech is one[…]

Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron MP on why we need to extend the RAF bombing of Daesh to Syria

Tim Farron has made a passionate speech in the House of Commons  about why he is backing action against ISIL in Syria.     “I cannot stand in this House and castigate the PM for not taking enough refugees, and for Britain not standing tall in the rest of the world and opening our arms to the desperate, if we don’t do everything in our power to combat and eradicate that which is the source of their terror.” Why the Liberal Democrats backed action in Syria 01 DECEMBER, 2015 @ 9:29 PM Last week Tim Farron wrote to the Prime Minister, together with Nick Clegg, Paddy Ashdown, Ming Campbell, Kirsty[…]

Liberal Democrats would boost support for small businesses

Cllr Julia Davidson has backed a call from Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron who has proposed a series of policies that will help small businesses in Peterborough. In a speech called ‘Investing in the future’ Tim Farron  proposed a series of policies, that will benefit small businesses, enterprise and young people in the Peterborough area. In a direct appeal to small businesses in Peterborough, Tim said Liberal Democrats were now the party of small business, and would help them in three key ways: 1. We would give real teeth to the Small Business Commissioner, such as the power to fine large companies who regularly fail to pay their bills on[…]