Lib Dem councillors hand in BROWN BIN tax petition

At the latest meeting of Full Council at the Town Hall, Liberal Democrat City Councillors handed in a petition opposing the Conservative controlled council’s decision to charge local residents to have their brown bin collected. Commenting, Cllr Darren Fower said: “It’s just ridiculous! Its another Tory scheme that’s failed, and now they want you to pay for their mistakes. Their ability to deal with waste has meant that processing Garden Waste has not been properly dealt with and now this extra charge, on top of your council tax bill, could see more people simply placing their garden waste into their black bins. “This will mean that it will be disposed[…]

Walk out over stinking pay rises

Lib Dem city councillors walked out of the full council meeting tonight in protest at the massive rises in pay for some directors which have been forced through by the ruling Conservative administration. Group spokesman, Darren Fower, said: “This whole process stinks. People out there are outraged by this. We are told we can’’t influence these decisions tonight so we have no other option but show our feelings and those of local residents by leaving the council chamber.” Pay rises of up to 30% for some officers were voted through in secret at Employment Committee in February with the support of Conservative and Independent members. The Labour rep was absent[…]

Mayor-JA embarrassment over selecting next deputy mayor of Peterborough City Council?

Sources at the Town Hall, tell us that there’s been a bit of an embarrassing rumour circulating the corridoors of Peterborough City Council, after the latest Tory Mayor elect (Cllr David Over) for 2014/15, decided to make a decision on who should be his deputy! The alleged story goes a little something like this……. Cllr Bella Saltmarsh (Liberal, Dogsthorpe) received notification that Cllr Over was happy for her to become his Deputy Mayor for 2014/15. Momentarily delighted, Cllr Saltmarsh then discovered she’d received the informal invite, ONLY after Cllr (Mrs) Fox (PIF, North Werrington) had earlier declined the invitation to become Deputy Mayor! That said, it didn’t REALLY matter! In the end,[…]

Did Park Ward playground politics BACK-FIRE on Labour councillor?

According to a recent report in the Peterborough Telegraph some local parents were “demanding an apology” after a photograph of their children was taken and used without their consent by Peterborough Conservative councillor John Peach, on a Tory Christmas card! The report said the card, which displayed a picture taken last February, had been delivered to hundreds of homes in the city. One of the parents was reported as saying, “We did not know anything about this and don’t want the image of our children to be used for Conservative propaganda. My children have been recognised by many people in the community who have now wrongly made the assumption that my[…]

Could #BrettonNorth TORY councillor “RE-LOCATE” to safer seat ahead of May elections?

The corridors of power at the Town Hall are often awash with murmurings and rumour and sometimes, such slips prove to be correct – other times they do not! But one that is doing the rounds at the moment relates to North Bretton councillor, Mr Fitzgerald, who some think is eyeing up a move from the unsafe North Bretton electoral seat, to somewhere nearer to where he lives that’s far more Tory-friendly …….. somewhere like Orton Longueville or West Ward! Just a few years ago the Tories held ALL three council seats in North Bretton. In 2010, Cllr Fitzgerald was elected, but only just, beating his nearest rival by just[…]

Ever wondered what out city might LOOK like if ALL our City Councillors cycled?

If you ever walk to the rear of the Town Hall, when a Full Council meeting is held, you’ll see a range of cars owned by elected members from a cross range of political parties. Some nice sports cars and one or two 4×4’s! Whilst the gesture that is the Green Wheel is a welcomed introduction to our city, secured as a result of a generous grant several years ago, the concept of seriously and effectively addressing the matter of realistic transport provision in Peterborough over the coming years, by the Tory controlled City Council, is equivalent to a scene from let’s say “Narnia!” Perhaps, if more of the Tory[…]