We want Electric, When do we want it? Now!

  Sustainability, efficiency, eco-friendly or carbon neutral. You might have seen & heard the rhetoric coming from most major media channels lately.  It’s because we as a nation and a world, need more environmentally friendly methods of fuelling our transport.  Fossil fuels exhale too much Green House Gas (GHG) for our planet to cope with.  And GHGs don’t just come from fuel. CO2, Methane and Nitrous Oxide (NOx) are all potent gases that are slowly engulfing our planet in a blanket.  A blanket that will cause almost irreparable damage.  What’s the solution I hear you ask.  Well, we can all get on our bikes and ride into a nice green,[…]

LATEST #ResidentSurvey2014 stats! #Peterborough @PeterboroughCC

Your Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team wants to know what you think about local issues. We want your views so that we can campaign to get the City Council and other public authorities to do what you think needs doing here in your area. Figures are up to 20th July 2014

City Council receives £13.5million to improve roads, thanks to our Membership of EU

Peterborough City Council has received major funding for two transport schemes in the city, thanks to funds from a EU backed scheme. The Greater Cambridgeshire Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has received millions of pounds from the government to invest in various projects in the area. A total of £13.5million has been allocated to the Peterborough to improve Bourges Boulevard and junction 20 of the A47 in Peterborough, over three years from 2015/16. The council will carry out improvements to junction 20 of the A47 to help ease congestion and create better access to Paston. The council will also improve the Bourges Boulevard road corridor between Thorpe Road and[…]

Tolls to fund A14 improvements idea abandoned!

As reported by the BBC in the last few days: “Plans to create the UK’s first toll road for a decade are to be dropped, with improvements to the A14 instead funded from general taxation.” Commenting previously on the issue in a letter to the Telegraph, Peter Chivall, Peterborough Lib Dem Vice Chair said: “The proposed ‘bells and whistles’ upgrade of the A14 from Cambridge to Huntingdon will cost a staggering £1,500millions to build. “Although the Highways Agency and Conservative Councils and MPs in Huntingdon and south Cambridgeshire claim that the full £1,500millions scheme is necessary to reduce congestion and speed HGV traffic from the Midlands to Felixstowe Port, traffic[…]

WATCH: Travelchoice in Peterborough Cycling video! @pcctravelchoice

“Cycling is a cheap, affordable and healthy way to travel. In this section you will find all the related information about cycling in the city.” – TravelChoice We could not agree more – but we also recognise that far too few members of the Tory controlled city council who COULD cycle more – DO NOT BOTHER!? Pop to the back of the Town Hall prior to the next FULL COUNCIL meeting and check out the number who get out of their large and expensive cars! Check out http://travelchoice.org.uk

New homes and jobs for Peterborough

New jobs and homes for Peterborough are on the cards following announcements in Parliament yesterday by Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Writing on the Liberal Democrat Voice website he says: “We will invest in our country’s economic future by creating balanced growth and delivering lasting prosperity. I have announced the most comprehensive, ambitious and long-lasting capital investment plans this country has ever known.  In doing so we are putting long term priorities before short term political pressures and we are ending the culture of short-termism that plagued so many of our predecessors.” The £100 billion investment in infrastructure includes: • The biggest public housing programme for[…]

NEW road collisions website shows nearly 1 fatal accident each month + 3 casualties every day on Peterborough Roads!

A new website launched by the Department for Transport detailing collisions presented at local authority level compared against residential population, road safety spend and traffic volumes between 2005 and 2011 – shows that for Peterborough and since 2005: * An average of 3 casualties on Peterborough roads, occur each day! * There are 11 fatalities each year. * 110 serious casualties each month! * In 2005, Peterborough City Council spent £465, 000 on Road Safety ……. in 2011, that more than doubled to £1,056,000 Check out even more details and figures for the Peterborough area by simply clicking here! Commenting, Liberal Democrat city councillor, Darren Fower said: “With the present Tory[…]

Council’s cycle-ways deserve better and MORE attention!

It’s great that you can now get a copy of the cycle maps for FREE from the City Council – when previously people were expected to pay a pound or two, for trying to improve their own health and local environment ……..but it’s not so good when it comes to the ongoing standard of maintenance and improving of cycle ways throughout the city! Regular cyclists and local Lib Dem city councillor, Darren Fower said: “My general route takes me from the north of the city into the city centre, and there’s not a week that goes by when the cycle way, at some stage is covered by glass, dog dirt[…]