Leading city Labour activist defects to the Greens?

A well known local activist may well have dealt a bit of a blow to the Peterborough Labour Party’s General Election plans? As the local Labour Party spends time and money trying to promote a unified image to the electorate, in the build up to the general to the 7th May 2015, one of their former candidates and well known activists is now publicly supporting …………. the Green Party! Most people know there’s already a clear divide amongst the Labour Group on Peterborough City Council, mainly between Cllr Khan and Cllr Murphy, but now Nicola Day (pictured) who stood as a Labour Party candidate and just missed out on being elected[…]

City’s Tory MP …. upsets new UKIP MP!

There’s a well known quote in politics, that reminds individuals, that it’s better to be thought of a a fool, than open your mouth and confirm it! Once again, we think the Tory MP for Peterborough, might want to take that on board! .@SJacksonMP Stewart, go tribal on me in the weeks ahead if you want. your call. I will simply spend more time campaigning in Peterborough — Douglas Carswell MP (@DouglasCarswell) October 12, 2014 So, at a time when some might think our city’s MP would be trying to prevent UKIP standing in the general election, in order to prevent splitting the local right wing vote, Smiley Jackson is[…]

“Stressful” Council staff surveyed for their thoughts

This week, City Council employees received an email asking them to fill in the annual staff survey, with a message from Chief Executive, Gillian Beasley. In the message, Gillian said: “Few of you will need reminding from me that we are working through a particularly challenging time for local government. “In the face of the current cutbacks and general public sector austerity, all of us are being challenged to work harder and find more effective and efficient ways of doing things. “I am in no doubt that many of you find this stressful and may feel uncertain about what the future holds. There is no denying that things are difficult.”[…]

Tory Cabinet MEMBER criticizes local Newspaper for asking question! @PeterboroughTel

Seemingly NOT content with being on holiday or avoiding one of the most topical Full Council meetings in the past few years, newly elected Tory Cllr Fitzgerald, has now ATTACKED one of the LAST remaining city based local media! The Telegrapgh’s Paul Grinnell, simply trying to ascertain the Tory councillors position on the hot topic of Conservative Leader Marco Cereste, ended up consistently repeating his question, while receiving a barrage of negative tweets from the well paid representative of West Ward – God only knows what the local Conservative club will think!? In a TERRIBLE attempt to sound clever, Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald responded with the answer “with my hand” – when[…]

The winner of the best social media is………………….. us! :)

We’d like to congratulate local LIB DEMS who attended this years Liberal Democrat Spring Conference, and especially local councillor, Darren Fower, who collected the award for Best Social Media of the Year – Winner 2014, in York! Darren told us: “I’ve always considered connecting through contemporary modes of communication an essential part of local politics and representation. We were the first political party in Peterborough to create a dedicated website, we were the first political party to have a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, Pinterest account, presence on LinkedIn etc. I’ve also developed several successful on-line campaigns and sign up forms that have helped enable hundreds of local people[…]

We’re looking 4 a candidate 2 stand in #Orton with #Hampton in May local elections! @Hampton_Gazette

If you’re someone who is fed up with seeing little or no action taken, on the community problems that matter to you and your neighbours, then maybe it’s time you stood for election to become a Councillor for the Orton and Hampton area? According to the 2011 Census data for the area, the total population for Orton and Hampton is 13,660, with 4,034 under the voting age of 18, leaving 9,626 people of voting age in the area! (To register your interest to become a City Councillor for the Orton and Hampton area, please CLICK HERE!) The defending councillor is a Tory lady called Sheila Scott OBE, who has been heavily criticised[…]

#Peterborough MP’s tweets described as “Idiotic” by TV Celeb Doctor!

We recently asked whether or not people felt that the often controversial tweets from Peterborough’s Tory MP were worth reading? In response, TV Celeb Doctor and presenter of Embarrassing Bodies, Dr Christian Jessen responded: “Only to see how idiotic he can get!” Check out the Tweet by CLICKING HERE! What do YOU think? Plz leave a comment below!

Are Peterborough’s Tory MP Tweets really worth reading? @DoctorChristian

Conservative PM David Cameron once said, “The trouble with Twitter, the instantness of it – too many twits might make a twat.” So what of our Tory MP for Peterborough? YOU may remember he helped get the city in the national newspapers last year after describing viewers of the Channel 4 show Embarrassing Bodies as ‘chavs’. As reported in the Mail, Stewie accused Dr Christian Jessen of making ‘crap chav TV’ after the TV presenter criticised a fellow Tory MP for being against gay marriage. Then of course there was the time he engaged in a war of words with John Prescott describing the Labour Peer as a “super-annuated has-been”. And of course, then there[…]

Surgery change for South Werrington and North Gunthorpe ward

The local Liberal Democrat councillors Darren Fower and Julia Davidson who represent the South Werrington and North Gunthorpe electoral ward, have always held regular ‘ward surgeries’ at which you can come along for a chat about any local issues. No appointment is needed – just turn up! In the past, surgeries have always been held on Friday evenings. Now the ’mid month’ surgery has been moved to Saturday mornings in a bid to make it even more convenient for residents. Therefore from now on the surgey will take place between 9:00am to 10:00 am, every third Saturday each month at Brookside Methodist Church, Gunthorpe Road. PLUS! You can always contact Darren via[…]

Hundreds of #Peterborough people sign petition against Tory MP for describing others as “bottom feeding dregs”

It looks like the Tory MP for Peterborough may well have lived up to the claim by his party leader that “Too many tweets might make a tw@t!” (SOURCE) SIGN THE PETITION! The reason for the petition? Well as you will see below, Mr Jackson entered into a conversation and used what some may suggest were ”controversial’ tweets! The petition page states, “Peterborough deserves to have a representative that is not prejudicial against them, whatever their class or situation!” SIGN THE PETITION! Commenting, one Peterborough resident pointed out, “Remembering of course that many people presently unemployed continue to pay their varied taxes and thus his large annual salary!” Note: REMEMBER this[…]