Planned incinerator being built in Fengate "Out of date”

That’s the view of Peterborough Friends of the Earth.  Speaking on BBC Radio Cambs, Richard Olive said: “It’s a very inefficient process to start with. Nearby to the new incinerator is the existing power station. That produces electricity at 48% efficiency, but the Energy from Waste facility (aka incinerator) will only have an efficiency 27% and of course, the green aspects, it is still burning fossil fuels!” NOW listen to the Tory Cabinet member for Street scene, Waste management and Communications, respond to the claim by pressing the play button below! listen to ‘”I’m not a scientist” says Tory Cabinet member for Waste Management!’ on Audioboo

Tories agree to charge YOU for brown bin collections!

The Idea was opposed by the Lib Dem group at the Town Hall, but as always the blues choose to ignore public opinion! Not a single Tory councillor opposed the scheme at the recent meeting to discuss their proposed budget! The blue regime who control Peterborough City Council say the introduction of the charge will save them £800,000 in its first year, but completely fail to make mention of their failed garden waste recycling scheme? The service is due to come into effect from 27th May on households’ usual collection day. Until that time the garden waste collection service, which resumed this week, will continue as normal. According to the[…]