LATEST North East Urban Safer, Stronger Neighbourhoods meeting @PboroCops

The latest North East Urban Safer, Stronger Neighbourhoods meeting took place on the 8th July, and was held at Paston Ridings Primary School. The meeting was poorly attended, with just 7 local residents in attendance, from an area population in excess of 24,000, which equates to just 0.02% of local residents! It was also noted that out of a possible 11 City Councillors covering Gunthorpe, Paston, Werrington and Walton, just 3 city councillors attended. Several issues were discussed, including: Anti-social behaviour at the Werrington skate park Anti-social behaviour at Werrington Centre Problems with motor cycles driving on footpaths Graffiti increase in and around Werrington Meadow Liberal Democrat city councillor for[…]

#Tory #Council plans 2 remove even more cycle racks from the City Centre!!?? @SustransPBoro

As reported in the Peterborough Telegraph the Conservative controlled City Council has announced plans to “transform” Long Causeway which would see further bike parking facilities lost! Commenting, Liberal Democrat city councillor, and regular cyclist, Darren Fower said: “There appears now to be an almost personal dislike of cyclists by one or two leading figures at the Town Hall when it comes to planning and development of the city centre, which is bordering on the batty! “Obviously, people in Peterborough want to see improvements, as this surely is a natural return for the Council tax they pay? But, at a time when other areas of the city are in desperate need of[…]

BRAND new #FOCUS Facebook page for residents of North Werrington

Local residents living in the North Werrington area of Peterborough  can now enjoy the benefits of dedicated Peterborough Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team Facebook page! Following on from the launch of similar pages for neighbouring areas of Werrington South and Walton, local people in North Werrington can now highlight their concerns by sharing a posting or showcase an issue by uploading an image to the page while out and about either byusing their smart phone or home computer. The page is monitored by a new group of local residents who live in the electoral ward, who’ll ensure postings are either passed onto the city council or provide an answer right away or discuss the matter on line. To[…]