Vandalism in Peterborough

You may have seen Peterborough Today’s recent articles regarding the extreme Vandalism at Ferry Meadows.  Sadly over the past few days there has been vandalism to the Children’s Play Areas, Trees and Memorial Benches at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough. The Vandals carried this during the evening and it has been reported whomever carried this out; did so with a saw. It deeply saddens me that such thing is happening in Peterborough. I’m sure that many Peterborians have visited Ferry Meadows and probably have many happy childhood memories there. I can speak for myself, my friends and my family when I say I do. It is absolutely appalling that anyone could deem[…]

A Bus Guide to help you get in and Around Peterborough

  Lib Dems Secure New Bus Services For Gunthorpe In 2013,  the Tory controlled city council made devastating cuts in local bus services,  cutting public transport subsidy in half. Lib Dem councillors have been arguing strongly for restoration of some of the cuts and earlier this year it was agreed that an additional £150,000 a year could be found to fund bus service improvements.  After a long delay, the new services finally started on 3 October. There are early morning and evening services to the Fengate area for people who work there and also for people wanting to get to entertainment facilities such as the Greyhound Stadium and the Showcase Cinema. In our[…]

Pupil Premium

Werrington Primary School – PUPIL PREMIUM It has been brought to my attention by a local resident that Werrington Primary school no longer use worksheets for Mathematics Homework, the use of iPad or a computer at home is now what is required for Comparing numbers, counting by tens, names of shapes. This puts considerable pressure on parents with a limited income, especially single parents, to provide the equipment needed to support the continued development of the child. In 2011 Children’s minister Sarah Teather, Lib Dem, was able to double the Pupil Premium budget to help schools to ensure those on limited incomes weren’t left being disadvantaged. Pupil Premium Report 2014-15 for[…]

CQC finds significant concerns at Barchester Healthcare home in Peterborough

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has warned national care provider Barchester Healthcare to make urgent improvements at its Werrington Lodge care home in Peterborough to ensure everyone who lives there receives the quality of care and support they are entitled to expect. During an unannounced inspection which took place on 8 and 12 May 2014, CQC found a number of very significant concerns, including: Some people were left in bed for long periods of time during the day, sometimes in beds that were wet with urine. The home was unclean and people were not protected from the risks of infection. Some areas in the home smelled of urine and there[…]

LATEST North East Urban Safer, Stronger Neighbourhoods meeting @PboroCops

The latest North East Urban Safer, Stronger Neighbourhoods meeting took place on the 8th July, and was held at Paston Ridings Primary School. The meeting was poorly attended, with just 7 local residents in attendance, from an area population in excess of 24,000, which equates to just 0.02% of local residents! It was also noted that out of a possible 11 City Councillors covering Gunthorpe, Paston, Werrington and Walton, just 3 city councillors attended. Several issues were discussed, including: Anti-social behaviour at the Werrington skate park Anti-social behaviour at Werrington Centre Problems with motor cycles driving on footpaths Graffiti increase in and around Werrington Meadow Liberal Democrat city councillor for[…]

BRAND new #FOCUS Facebook page for residents of North Werrington

Local residents living in the North Werrington area of Peterborough  can now enjoy the benefits of dedicated Peterborough Liberal Democrat FOCUS Team Facebook page! Following on from the launch of similar pages for neighbouring areas of Werrington South and Walton, local people in North Werrington can now highlight their concerns by sharing a posting or showcase an issue by uploading an image to the page while out and about either byusing their smart phone or home computer. The page is monitored by a new group of local residents who live in the electoral ward, who’ll ensure postings are either passed onto the city council or provide an answer right away or discuss the matter on line. To[…]