Peterborough to become part of Cambridgeshire County Council?

There’ll no doubt be one or two questions amongst councillors after the Local Government Chronicle reported talks had taken place between the leaders of Peterborough City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council, regarding the possibility of amalgamating the two authorities. As some may remember, in 1998 Peterborough became autonomous of Cambridgeshire county council as a unitary authority, 17 years on, its seems there planning of reverting back? Q: A sensible idea or a complete and costly backwards step? In the article, it stated: “Cambridgeshire leader Steve Count (Con) said talks had taken place with Peterborough City Council about potentially forming a combined authority.” What do YOU think? Please post a comment below!  

“DfE are going rogue.” say #Liberal #Democrats @educationgovuk

According to a BBC report – “The Liberal Democrats have accused the Department for Education of “going rogue” by briefing against Nick Clegg.” The claim comes after Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg announced millions of required £’s to help schools throughout the country, but, afterwards an education official told newspapers this was not the case! A senior Lib Dem spokesman launched an attack on the Whitehall department, telling the BBC: “The DfE should stop whining and deliver. The DfE are going rogue. This has been agreed at the highest levels of government. It has been agreed by the chancellor.” Read the full article HERE!