Budget 2015 packed with Liberal Democrat policies

This Budget is packed full of policies that deliver Liberal Democrat priorities: Help for lower and middle income earners by increasing the Personal Allowance by further £200 so that from April 2016 the tax threshold increases to £10,800 and from April 2017 to £11,000. By 2017/2018, 27.2 million workers will have benefited from increases in the personal allowance and we will have lifted over 3.7 million out of income tax altogether. Help for children with mental health problems by providing £1.25bn of new funding over the next five years to treat 110,000 more children with mental health issues, and provide rapid access to treatment for new mothers. Help for motorists[…]

Scrapping employer National Insurance for those under 21 years of age!

Huge jobs boost for young people announced in the Autumn Statement. Liberal Democrats are scrapping employer National Insurance on 1.5 million workers under the age of 21. Q: Are you or someone you know under 21? How are you finding the job market in Peterborough? What other things would you like to see introduced to help YOU? Please leave comments below!

Q: Work in Peterborough? Did you check your pay slip last week?

last month, tens of thousands of Peterborough received their first pay slip since the Income Tax personal allowance was raised from £8,105 to £9,440! When Liberal Democrats came into power in 2010 this was just £6,475. Raising the tax-free allowance is the Liberal Democrats’ flagship policy and has so far seen Income Tax bills slashed by £600 a year for millions of low and middle income workers compared to what they were paying under Labour. As a result, more than 2m people on low pay have been lifted out of paying Income Tax altogether. The tax-free allowance will rise again next year to £10,000, fulfilling a commitment from the front[…]