Tolls to fund A14 improvements idea abandoned!


As reported by the BBC in the last few days:

“Plans to create the UK’s first toll road for a decade are to be dropped, with improvements to the A14 instead funded from general taxation.”

Commenting previously on the issue in a letter to the Telegraph, Peter Chivall, Peterborough Lib Dem Vice Chair said:

“The proposed ‘bells and whistles’ upgrade of the A14 from Cambridge to Huntingdon will cost a staggering £1,500millions to build.

“Although the Highways Agency and Conservative Councils and MPs in Huntingdon and south Cambridgeshire claim that the full £1,500millions scheme is necessary to reduce congestion and speed HGV traffic from the Midlands to Felixstowe Port, traffic on the A14 has grown relatively little over the last 12 years, with HGVs actually reducing slightly. (see Added to this is the futility of widening the A14 to a total of 10 lanes outside Cambridge, while the M11 southbound from the A14 junction will stay at 4 lanes only.

“Given the adverse effect this massive scheme will have on costs and travel times of Peterboroughresidents, you would expect that we would be consulted about this scheme. Sadly, although our MPs and our Conservative Council leaders both knew about it, and our city council has agreed to contribute in both cash, and possibly, in kind, over the next 10 years, the first even opposition councillors knew about it was when a Liberal Democrat member with family living near the A14 route alerted this writer.

“Once again Peterborough people are being taken for a ride, both in cash and in inconvenience, while the politicians who should be protecting our interests, fail to inform us at best, and conspire with their Party friends at worst to do Peterborough people down”

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