Tory COUNCILLOR wins WEST WARD by 16 votes, then goes on HOLIDAY!

Cllr Fizgerlad on Holiday

Despite only beating the LABOUR candidate by a mere 13 votes, Tory “Leggit from North Bretton” councillor Wayne Fitzgerald, headed (just days after the close fought local election) on holiday, instead of attending what some believe to be, one of the most important Annual Council Meetings of the past few years!

The Annual Council meeting this month saw an attempt by the the so-called Independent Group (which includes Cllr Fletcher, who once stood up and shouted at Cllr Marco Cereste, “I’m more of a Conservative than you!”) – to put forward a motion calling for a new administration …………. of which the leader would be the councillor who put forward the motion!!

Ironically, much of the Annual Council meeting was taken up by Cllr Marco Cereste talking about the need for opposition councillors to attend certain meetings in order to be kept “informed” of Town Hall proceedings!

Such demands, at a time when one of his newly appointed Cabinet Members (with additional pay), was hundreds of miles away near the Mediterranean – one wonders what the West Ward electorate would think of this?



We do feel “a bit sorry” for Cllr David Sanders who, at least attended the meeting, and openly showed his dislike for Cllr Marco Cereste!

BUT, no doubt this is very much driven by his father’s feelings toward the cosmopolitan Tory Leader? Sanders SNR, once complained that Cllr Cereste spent too much time in Italy, after he lost a seat in Orton to …………… the Liberal Democrats!

ALREADY ………… questions are being asked within the controlling Conservative administration!

If Cllr Fitzgerald (and he DOES want to be Leader one day!) has sufficient support then he’ll be OK, if he does not ……….. then the Marco guillotine may fall?

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