Vandalism in Peterborough

You may have seen Peterborough Today’s recent articles regarding the extreme Vandalism at Ferry Meadows. 

Sadly over the past few days there has been vandalism to the Children’s Play Areas, Trees and Memorial Benches at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough. The Vandals carried this during the evening and it has been reported whomever carried this out; did so with a saw.

It deeply saddens me that such thing is happening in Peterborough. I’m sure that many Peterborians have visited Ferry Meadows and probably have many happy childhood memories there. I can speak for myself, my friends and my family when I say I do. It is absolutely appalling that anyone could deem this to be O.K.

The Vandals have not only destroyed many tree’s by cutting off their branches etc. they have also caused deep pain and sadness to many people by destroying memorial benches and children’s play areas. With Half Term quickly approaching; many parents plans were to create more happy memories with their children at Ferry Meadows. Sadly because of the behaviour of these Vandals the equipment is broken and no longer safe to play on. 

The person/people that did this had a clear intention to set out to destroy certain parts of Ferry Meadows. Why would anyone want to destroy a child’s fun like this? It is devastating and I am not on my own when I say this act was an abomination to say the very least.

Unfortunately whilst out and about in and around my ward today I noticed that this is also occurring close by. The lovely new trees at the Walton/Werrington Rec are also being destroyed. This needs to stop! We are working hard to make and maintain a happy and safe environment in Peterborough and in our Wards and the minority are again RUINING it for others. 

We need to work hard to tackle this issue, I have reported the trees to PCC…in the meantime if you know anything in regards to Werrington Rec or Ferry Meadows please get in touch!

Thank You
Councillor Bond