You may have seen my previous blog posts where Residents of Cleveland Court and The Pentlands Residents were seeing significant issues during school times; along with many other residents in Gunthorpe/Werrington and Peterborough. For the full blog post click here.

As you all probably already know, I have been working closely with the Local Primary Schools to try and help tackle/ease the ongoing parking issues we have during Pickup and Drop Off times. After various Facebook Posts and Blog Posts (Click to Remind Yourself) I had been contacted by various residents of both of these streets and many others . The Residents are sadly being made to feel ‘Trapped’ in their own homes and fear for their safety ( in the case of an emergency) during these times.

Because of this I requested that the Fire Service attempt to conduct an access check one AFTERNOON. Once this has been carried out, I will update you all on the Findings.

After a recent assessment that took place in the streets surrounding;Gunthorpe, Norwood and Welbourne Primary Schools, it was unfortunately concluded that none of these streets were “Problem Areas”.


As promised this assessment was carried out and I received an update of the findings from the Senior Prevention and Enforcement Service Officer (Southern Sector) – Parking Lead which stated;

“I have now been provided with an update from the fire service. They conducted a check of the area on during an afternoon school pick up time. They did not deem it as an issue, they said it was busy but they could still navigate the roads. I hope this provides the residents with a bit of reassurance that emergency services are able to reach them even when it is busy at school drop off times”.

I have of course updated all residents that expressed concerns over these issues. Unfortunately even though the assessment may have eased some concerns of their safety in regards to the emergency services; the residents are continuing to send me images of the parking they are having to endure daily. Most days they are being blocked in their drive ways, leaving them unable to leave their own homes. It is extremely important that parents and carers using their vehicles to pick their children up; park legally.

I will be requesting that these side entrances are focused on primarily during the visits from the Safety Officers, so if you are parking illegally please refrain from doing so. 

As always let me know your thoughts regarding this…

Kind Regards 
Councillor Bond