We want Electric, When do we want it? Now!


Sustainability, efficiency, eco-friendly or carbon neutral.

You might have seen & heard the rhetoric coming from most major media channels lately.  It’s because we as a nation and a world, need more environmentally friendly methods of fuelling our transport.  Fossil fuels exhale too much Green House Gas (GHG) for our planet to cope with.  And GHGs don’t just come from fuel.

CO2, Methane and Nitrous Oxide (NOx) are all potent gases that are slowly engulfing our planet in a blanket.  A blanket that will cause almost irreparable damage.  What’s the solution I hear you ask.  Well, we can all get on our bikes and ride into a nice green, clean future. Or….

We could produce and use electric forms of transport.  Thumbs up?  Powered by the Sun, or charged at one of the many charging points that are being installed as I type this.

The Liberal Democrats aim is for Britain to be carbon neutral by 2050.  This is because urban areas regularly breach EU limits for NOx which has a severe effect on health.  You’ve heard about how terrible the air is to breath in places like India or Japan.  We, you, us need to ensure we don’t reach those levels and we need to act now before it’s too late.

Peterborough’s citizens are serviced by Stage Coach.  A company that is trying to do it’s part by improving it’s carbon footprint with more efficient buses.  But is it going far enough?  We have no electric buses in Peterborough like other cities.  Nottingham and York have an electric sustainable fleet but here, we don’t have quiet clean transport.

Some could say that electric transport isn’t entirely green, and they’d be partially right but what is important is that an electric power station is already generating electricity for the grid to consume.  We should then use it to power our buses, our cars and all our buildings.  We don’t need to generate Green House Gas Emissions from polluting vehicles if energy is already being created.

I have spoken to the council and the officers within.  We, the Liberal Democrats even put forward a motion to full council for the cabinet to look into electric transport measures.  Win, they agreed and one can only hope we will enjoy greener transport soon.  If the public get behind this who knows where we can take things……..

Simon Barkham.  Lib Dem Councillor for Paston & Walton Ward said:

‘The air we breath shouldn’t be taken for granted, the Liberal Democrats understand more needs to be done to keep our lungs clean’.



Cllr Simon Barkham

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