Well done to ALL our candidates! Here’s our election digest ……..

2014 elections

There’s a lot of talk in the media about UKIP after the 2014 local elections in Peterborough, after they managed to get 3 councillors elected.  BUT, you might like to know that the we managed to get two city councillors elected and also stood in several other wards around the city.

  • We received a total of 2396 votes from people in Peterborough.
  • The average vote received by Liberal Democrat candidates was 400 votes.
  • Our highest amount of votes received for a canddiate was Darren Fower in Werrington South, who got 1174 votes.
  • We got councillors elected to Werrington South and Walton.
  • Our council group is bigger than the Liberals and UKIP!

Results and wards that we stood:

Werrington South: Darren Fower (Liberal Democrats) 1,174 votes, June Kennedy (UKIP) 521 votes, Vince Moon (Labour and co-operative) 230 votes, Darren Morley (Conservative) 491 votes – turn out 45 per cent.

Walton: Nyasha Banhire (Labour) 195 votes, Mick Kennedy (UKIP) 495 votes, Paul McGregor (Conservative) 228 votes, Asif Shaheed (Liberal Democrats) 617 votes – turn out 35 per cent.

Bretton North: Michael Herdman (UKIP) 782 votes, Jason Merrill (Conservative) 520 votes, Malcolm Pollack (Liberal Democrat) 195 votes, Evelina Sid (Labour) 700 votes – turn out 32 per cent.

Orton with Hampton: Darren Bisby-Boyd (Green) 284 votes, Alan Dowson (Labour) 636 votes, Sheila Scott* (Conservative) 937 votes, Teri Starr (Independent) 368 votes, Christopher Wiggin (Liberal Democrat) 267 votes – turn out 26 per cent.

Park: Steve Allen (Conservative) 1,191, Geoffrey Eagle (Trade unionist and socialist coalition) 12 votes, Richard Ferris (Labour) 1,410 votes, Rich Hill (Green) 121 votes, Beki Sellick (Liberal Democrats) 74 votes – turn out 45 per cent.

West (2 seats): Nick Arculus (Conservative) 1,482 votes, Peter Chivall (Liberal Democrats) 290 votes, Wayne Fitzgerald (Conservative) 1,153 votes, Darrell Goodliffe (Labour) 1,050 votes, John Myles (UKIP) 702 votes, Mohammed Sabir (Labour) 1,137 votes – turn out 48 per cent.

Werrington North: Andrew Bond (Liberal Democrats) 69 votes, Mark Cooke (Trade unionist and socialist coalition) 67 votes, Howard Fuller (Conservative) 362 votes, Roz Jones (Labour) 242 votes, Stephen Lane* (Independent) 1,145 votes.

For a full list of results please click here!