We’re looking 4 a candidate 2 stand in #Orton with #Hampton in May local elections! @Hampton_Gazette

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If you’re someone who is fed up with seeing little or no action taken, on the community problems that matter to you and your neighbours, then maybe it’s time you stood for election to become a Councillor for the Orton and Hampton area?

According to the 2011 Census data for the area, the total population for Orton and Hampton is 13,660, with 4,034 under the voting age of 18, leaving 9,626 people of voting age in the area!

(To register your interest to become a City Councillor for the Orton and Hampton area, please CLICK HERE!)

The defending councillor is a Tory lady called Sheila Scott OBE, who has been heavily criticised for failings in children’s services in the city and more recently regarding her position on the cuts to children’s centres in Peterborough! In the 2010 election Cllr Scott received 2,439 votes, which means 75% of adults of voting age DID NOT give their support to her! During 2012/13 Cllr Scott collected a salary of over £22,000.

(To register your interest to become a City Councillor for the Orton and Hampton area, please CLICK HERE!)

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