Peterborough Manifesto

The Liberal Democrats want to create a fair, safe and sustainable Peterborough in which everyone is equally empowered to fulfil their ambitions and live a healthy life.

We believe that we have the ideas that Peterborough needs in order to build a society in which everyone - regardless of their age, gender or background - has the opportunity to fulfil their
potential and get on in life.

Sadly, under the Conservatives, our city is falling backwards. Our council is over-centralised and secretive, our services are being cut, our roads are falling apart and the lack of affordable
housing has become a major issue.

The Liberal Democrats believe that our city can have a bright future, but only with fresh ideas. The stale days of failing Conservative leadership need to make way for new and innovative ideas, such
as those found in this document.

In recent years, Conservative Chancellors have cut Peterborough’s grant from central government by 78%. The Lib Dems believe that the fight against these cuts should involve doing more than the Conservatives’ ‘Stand up for Peterborough’ campaign which simply seeks to ‘move the deck chairs around’. We believe that much more money needs to be invested in the vital services that local government provides.

With the Conservatives set to lose council seats across the city, it looks increasingly likely that the city council will have ‘no overall control’ by any one party after the 2019 local elections. Politicians from all political parties will need to work together to protect and improve the services which many local residents rely on.

This document shows that the Lib Dems are more ready than ever before to help build a city that works for everyone.

Our commitment to the residents of Peterborough is that a council run by the Lib Dems will work to improve the lives of all residents by listening to you and working hard all year round.


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