Update on Tenter Hill

Your local Lib Dem team are determined to make sure that Tenter Hill Meadow is protected for future generations.

Christian, Terri and James are proud to have worked to support residents in stopping development on the much loved green space.

Following on from last summers successful planning appeal Cllr Christian Hogg and Cllr James Lillis placed down a motion at Full Council to seek to find a permanent way to protect Tenter Hill Meadow for future generations. The motion successfully passed with cross-party support.

Christian said: “Since the motion passed last year, we have met with legal officers from Peterborough City Council to discuss the best way to protect Tenter Hill Meadow. “We’ve agreed that the best way forward is to legally designate Tenter Hill Meadow as a village green and work has now started on this happening.”

James added: “Turning Tenter Hill Meadow into a village green should also mean that it’s better maintained and is more accessible for residents to enjoy. “Designating Tenter Hill Meadow as village green will take some time, but as the process continues we will make sure that we update residents through our Focus newsletters.”

Leader's Visit

Great to see our party leader, Ed Davey in Peterborough yesterday highlighting the need for change in the business rate system that currently favours online businesses over high street retailers.

Cllr Christian Hogg joined him @ local business Rutland Cycling to also highlight to move to more sustainable forms of transport.

Adopt our street

For too long both developers and Peterborough City Council have failed to take the action needed to make sure our roads are adopted.

This is a huge problem because when our roads aren’t adopted it means that the council won’t provide litter bins, repair roads and street lights or deal with problem parking, but residents still have to pay full council tax.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign Jade said: “It is outrageous that the Conservative-led council have failed to deal with road adoption. Today we’re launching a series of petitions addressed to both the City Council and the relevant developer asking them to take the action needed to ensure that roads across Hampton are adopted ASAP.”

If your street isn't adopted yet, please add your name to our petition by clicking <<here>>

Stanground Youth Club

Meets every Thursday between 6pm and 9pm

(during term time)

at Stanground Community Centre on Whittlesey Rd.

If you know someone who you think might be interested in attending or adults willing to volunteer to help run the youth club please do let them know.

Your local Lib Dem team believe that groups like youth clubs and the Scouts are key to making our area an even better place to live.

Working to improve local playgrounds

James, Christian and Terri are working to improve playgrounds across Fletton and Stanground.

The Lib Dem team recently reported on how funding had been granted for additional play equipment, for infants, close to Stanground Community Centre. The equipment has now been delivered and will be installed once the ground has chance to dry out from the recent wet weather.

Commenting on the local Lib Dems efforts Terri said: “We’re pleased to let residents know that a new bid for funding has been submitted to improve the playground in Appleyard, off Chapel Street Street in north Stanground. “Additionally the team have started speaking to council officers about improving the playground at Fletton Rec on Whittlesey Road.”

Local resident, James said: “As a parent I think it’s so important that local children have safe and clean outdoor places to play. These improvements will make both Fletton and Stanground better communities to live and bring up a family in. “If you have ideas about how you would like parks or green spaces improved please do let us know.”

Community Speedwatch

What is Community Speedwatch?

The Community Speedwatch scheme trains volunteers from members of the community to get actively involved in monitoring the speed of vehicles travelling through their neighbourhood. It is used in areas where speeding has been identified as a priority at quarterly neighbourhood panel meetings.

Community Speedwatch is operated by Cambridgeshire Constabulary in partnership with your local council and other agencies. The scheme itself is run by the Police and the community volunteers supported by the County coordinator.


How do I become a volunteer?

To find out more about becoming a Community Speedwatch volunteer contact us using the details below.


How much time will I need to give up?

There is no minimum time set but an expectation that sufficient hours are given to make the scheme viable.


Do you get training?

Yes, full training is given to volunteers. This training will be provided by your local Police Volunteer mostly at a training room in Peterborough but will depend on the needs of the group assembled.


Is it safe for volunteers?

Volunteers are given full training and safety equipment to ensure they are clearly visible to road users.


Will officers still carry out speed checks?

Areas, where speeding is identified as an issue, will be considered for enforcement work by officers.


What equipment is used?

Volunteers are provided with high visibility jackets and conduct speed checks using speed indicator devices. The vehicles speed is then displayed on the monitor.


Will records of the offending vehicles be kept?

Information gathered during the checks will be used to target enforcement and education measures. Persistent offenders will receive a visit from uniformed officers.


Can motorists be prosecuted?

No these checks are about educating motorists.


Where are the Speedwatch schemes currently operating?

The scheme has been rolled out to all areas in the force and will depend on volunteers making themselves available. For information about your local Speedwatch scheme contact your neighbourhood team by using the details below.

How will it stop people from speeding?

Speedwatch is not an enforcement tool but about educating motorists and raising awareness of the dangers of speeding. The scheme is just one part of the ongoing work being carried out by the force to target speeding. In areas where Speedwatch sessions are conducted regularly, there is a generally a marked reduction in the number of speeding vehicles over time.


How do I start Speedwatch in my area?

A minimum of 3 volunteers are required to operate Speedwatch and we suggest that these are drawn from a team of 10+ as this means that the same three people are not always conducting Speedwatch.  We hold regular, central training sessions in Peterborough (which take about an hour) or where a group has 7+ volunteers for training we will attend your village to conduct the training.  The training is delivered by Police Service Volunteers.


Contact Us

Local Speedwatch Coordinator - Christian Hogg  (christian.hogg@peterborough.gov.uk)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CSWPBORO 

General Enquiries: Speedwatch@cambs.pnn.police.uk


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